8 comments on “It’s Not Just a Want….

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    It is truly a need…some may think its just a kinky past time or a fun role playing game but reality is, it fulfills ever desire some of us have ever had. He is my desire, his pleasure is my fantasy and his love is my greatest accomplishment.

  2. With submission it is most certainly a need for me. Lately I have been wondering about other sides of myself, my dominant side. It’s there; that’s about the most I can comment on it at this point. Whether that side stays solely in my Vanilla life or extends over into my kinky life will largely depend on the people I meet along the way and whether that side is ever fostered in a way that allows for growth. Or it could be acknowledged and then kept tightly under someone’s thumb. I guess life will unfold and show me the way.

    • That’s a great way to look at it… I do struggle with being dominate sometimes.. I was raised with A strong mother figure. I am a submissive all the way in the bedroom with my husDom. Sometimes I do tend to Top from the Bottom… and Sir reminds me quickly to watch my P’s & Q’s…..
      Some people or partners will bring out the Top in you and others the bottom… Best Wishes!

      Little Kaninchen
      Bedroom Submissive

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