6 comments on “Addiction?

  1. I do understand what your friend means. If you use your D/s relationship as a drug… Or a band aid it will eventually eat you alive. But it also can be your penicillin …
    Best Wishes…🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

  2. It IS a drug. There is no question. The things we do alter the chemical composition of our bodies for at least a short time and often for longer periods, depending on the intensity of our relationships and level of play.

    You get to decide by the choices you make regarding partner and type of play, if that drug is life-destroying or life-saving.

  3. I also feel love in itself can be a drug, when we love so much that we forget about ourselves…it all has to be a balance but finding that balance can prove to be the most difficult of all.

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