3 comments on “Trying So Hard

  1. ((hugs))

    You have every right for every emotion you feel right now. Even if there is a good reason for all of it. D/s only works because of communication and if all is ok and this is just a bump, he should at least communicate with you. I hope that’s all this is. I wouldn’t wish the heart break I’ve felt on anyone.

    Whatever it is, please try not to let your self-doubts take over (I know, easier said than done), and if you need someone to talk to, I’m available (kaylalords@gmail.com).

  2. Beccy , I loved your words , they are from the heart 🙂
    I believe he is thinking of himself now and his things , and it is good you are making yourself a priority in your life 🙂
    You are an amazing woman , a woman with all the words , warm heart and loving 🙂
    You deserve the BEST !!!!

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