4 comments on “Emotional Roller Coaster

  1. I love the graphic you found. I am a roller coaster rider myself. I get the same way, imagining he doesn’t care when He’s too busy or caught up in His vanilla life. And I get the same sense of relief when He corrects my course.

    Funny to think some people love roller coasters! 😉

  2. Although on a different ride, I’m tired of the roller coaster myself…

    Yes, I remember that feeling in my stomach when I knew I had messed up…and yet, something in me felt so good about punishment – because it was proof, I guess…proof I was his, proof that he cared, proof of the reality of who and what we were…

  3. A really good post. Have you ever considered what would reassure you that he is still your Dom if you did not mess up for months or years at a time? I wonder what that would be?

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