10 comments on “Doing Things We Hate

  1. I have found that I often put too much thought into the things K asks me to do. I over analyze or read more into it than necessary. I become my own worst enemy. I trust K and know he knows what’s best. He pushes me and while I may not appreciate it as it’s happening I can say he’s never made me question his choices in the long run.

  2. If there is no recourse and you have your safe word, then you’re in control. When I have something to talk about with Sir I can go to him put my head in his lap and talk to him. This is new to me as well and I sometimes get fearful and react bratty. If your master doesn’t mind, talk to him. You maybe able to suggest a way to do that thing that pleases you both. I know Sir is even more pleased if we work through something together and we both get pleasure through doing so. Once you conquer the situation the pride you feel is sooo great… Try it… Talk.. Communicate… Tell him our feelings. If he doesn’t care about what your feeling then you may want to reevaluate your relationship. I’m sure though it will all work out… Best Wishes! LittleKaninchen🐇🐇🐇

    • Thank you for commenting. The fearful bratty reaction is a battle for me. We had talked about how I was feeling, and he read this post before I published it. I could have safe-worded of course, and he would have respected it, but I was fighting with myself not to, to try & do it for him… I’m hoping we will get more time together soon to talk it over more fully, but for the moment he has agreed this particular activity is on hold for me, until we work it through together.

  3. Sometimes being pushed to do things that are uncomfortable to us leads to growth. Like the other commenter, I too, over analyze and read into things Sir asks of me. It’s something I’m working on and it helps when Sir pushes me and requires me to do things he knows I am uncomfortable about. Plus I have found that once I do it once, it does get easier and I let go of a lot of pretenses as part of the process and that makes Sir happy.

    • Thanks for commenting. I do think Sir expected this to bring us both growth, to strengthen our bond. He just underestimated the strength of my negative feelings about it all I suppose, which is hardly surprising as they kind of took me aback a bit too. I can barely work out how I feel about it myself, so many contradictions in my head, let alone communicate it enough to him to help me through it. More over-thinking on my part…. 😉

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  5. Sometimes our limits are only revealed to us through experience. Sometimes, I have had to learn to accept that I have a hard limit, despite how much I disapprove of having it, despite how much my Sir wants this thing that makes me react like a horse in a blazing barn. Sometimes, I must resign myself to understanding that I must respect myself in this matter. It is disappointing. But it is also liberating. If you have tried and you have tried but you cannot shake the limit, then forcing it upon yourself is similar to ripping cloth. It will not lead to a good result. At least, that is the conclusion I have finally accepted. There are degrees of difficulty, in the difficult tasks we are given. Sometimes they lead to growth, yes. I have experienced growth. But also, there are tasks that elicit messages from ourselves that are dangerous to disregard. Perhaps this is a time to look at this from a be-kind-to-yourself perspective. Which as a submissive – believe me I understand all too well – can often be a hard thing to do. I guess I’m saying, maybe give yourself permission to recognize a hard limit here. Whether you’re happy about it or not.

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