7 comments on “Rules

  1. Lol those look familiar. We tried that for about a week….then we tossed or most of them and started with or own BASIC 10. Master says the guy who came up with those rules is a micromanaging son of a bitch who has low self esteem and doesn’t respect the gift that is submission. Sure there are a few good rules tossed in, but hello, with 128 rules one or two is BOUND to be okay. LOL.

    • I hadn’t come across these 128 ‘set’ rules before so was intrigued when I saw you mention them. I’m definitely not willing to follow blindly either, don’t worry 🙂

      • Yes those are the new doms or the fake.When a sub or slave would ask about rules. He googles rules. The 128 comes up and he says here. First way to many, and most are just dumb.

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