6 comments on “Let’s Talk About Love….

  1. I was 37 years old. The day I met Bea, 37 years and I had never had a feeling like I was experiencing.
    The first time in my life I was speechless, it was the first time in my life, I as a Dominant felt confused, I was unable to think clearly . My mind was racing so fast, I could not come up with a complete thought.
    I knew I had to regain my composure , or this was not going to turn out well, I was acting like a giddy teenager.
    The moment our eyes made contact, I knew it was like an outer body experience , the wind was blowing just slightly, I could smell her scent, her beauty was incredible. Her eyes were so intense, I stuttered to get words out.

    We parted for the day, it was not an hour and my cell rang, I looked, her number I dropped my phone, I pulled my fiat over, and tripped getting out of the car.

    My line of thinking was Bea, it was hard to concentrate, it was hard to function at work, I was making mistakes.

    It took sometime to regain my composure. to regain my thoughts so I was able to think clearly.

    37 years it took me to have that feeling. What had I done the years prior, were there things I was over looking, was I really that selfish, that greedy.

    To this day even though we are a part, she knows I am a call away. She knows even though we are a part I am there. To this day she calls for advice , I have had to talk to her Dom about abuse.

    37 years. Wow

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