3 comments on “A ‘Real’ Submissive?

  1. Great post and thanks for sharing. I find that men who say “you aren’t a real submissive”, mean to say “I’m not really a dominant”. A truly confident and dominant man would never try to break down his submissive for asking questions to feel safe and secure in her submission. Never. As in ever. 🙂

    • Thank you & I totally agree! It shows insecurity on their part that they have to break us down, to compensate for their own inadequacies. Kind of scary how much damage a bad Dom has the potential to inflict.

  2. Smiles, not a suprise to see this entry at all…and I can honestly say, that since finding you, there has been nothing to indicate that you are anything other than a true submissive. Like a beautiful butterfly, flitting from place to place, lighting up where ever you chose to land.
    And yes, you ask questions…oh boy….do you ask questions…not in an acusing, seeking to disobey way….but as i see it…from a curious, learning mind, a mind looking for knowledge and a way to please and improve.
    There are so many ‘wannabie’ Doms out there who demand this , demand that, and give the submissive no oportunity to question, im sure it is to hide their own short comings and their default it to just bully the sub into compliance.
    A simple lesson to to all submissives who are perhaps looking for a new Dom, or are in the early stages or a possible relationship. Dont be affraid to tell him that you are keen to learn, to widen your knowledge base and that you look to him for help and guidance. Let him know that your questions will help him let you develop and that you value his replys. If he doesnt listen, or refuses then i suggest you politely say ..goodbye…and move on, you deserve better…

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