9 comments on “Dressing for Sir

  1. It is interesting you brought this up, Husband asked me recently how I felt about being told what to wear. I was against it. I mean, I would, but, I wouldn’t be happy about it. Certain outfits “mean” certain things. If I have things to do, and need to get to work, I will dress differently than I will on a lazy day. Plus, I just can’t see him pulling together the kind of outfit I like. But, I would do it for him.

    We’ve compromised on this one. If he’s away from home, I can wear what I want. When he’s home, I have to be in a dress. I can wear my ballet slippers around the house, but I’m in heels when we go out. My hair has to be pulled up when I’m in public, though he doesn’t care how I pull it up. Once in awhile he will tell me to wear a certain dress, but jewelry, shoes and other accessories are left up to me. I like it this way, and so far he seems to as well. I don’t think he plans to change it.

  2. I think that’s a good way to start out–with you picking out your clothes for the most part and him offering guidance on what he doesn’t like. As time goes on, he will come to know what you do and don’t like and you will get to know what he does and doesn’t like. There will be a happy middle ground (in his favor I’m sure) where hopefully you both get what you want. No, I don’t want to walk around in heels and short tight skirts every day either. Isn’t there something sexy about a woman in a sundress with pretty toenails and espadrilles? Or pencils skirts and maryjanes? Why does sexy always have to mean slutty? Yeah, I like slutty too. We all do. But I like demure and a lighter shade of sexy too.

    • I think a middle ground, in favour of Sir of course, is where we are likely to end up too. He does take into account my comfort levels, and isn’t really into making me do (or wear) something ‘because he can’.

      Here’s to demure being sexy too!

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