7 comments on “Rules

  1. Lol those look familiar. We tried that for about a week….then we tossed or most of them and started with or own BASIC 10. Master says the guy who came up with those rules is a micromanaging son of a bitch who has low self esteem and doesn’t respect the gift that is submission. Sure there are a few good rules tossed in, but hello, with 128 rules one or two is BOUND to be okay. LOL.

    • I agree with your Master! Who has the time, energy or inclination to micromanage to this extent! My Dom got to about rule 30 & gave up reading in disgust lol.

      • Master got frustrated with some of the rules on there “What? That’s not BDSM, that’s nearly abuse!” and there are a FEW good ones, but geeze @ all the freaking rules!!!

      • Some Doms are ego driven, and the fakes will pull these out. Rules are meant to help/

  2. Of course there are rules. The 128 Basic have been around for years, They are joke. Surely you would not be willing to follow any of these without question. Tell me your not,

    • I hadn’t come across these 128 ‘set’ rules before so was intrigued when I saw you mention them. I’m definitely not willing to follow blindly either, don’t worry :)

      • Yes those are the new doms or the fake.When a sub or slave would ask about rules. He googles rules. The 128 comes up and he says here. First way to many, and most are just dumb.

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